Friday, August 22, 2014

Tonight is kinda like the kick off to our season. Its technically just a scrimmage, but its how a lot of schools in Ohio begin their season. Tonight will be ran like a game, the boys are even wearing game jerseys, and the fans will fill the bleachers. This is my 15th year being in the role of coach's wife. I've been the "stat girl," the coach's assistant during late night film breakdowns, the baker of team treats, the food caterer for the staff, cheerleader, sign maker, encourager, time keeper, listener, greatest supporter. I (for the most part) truly love being the coach's wife.
I've been VERY fortunate at the places where my husband has coached. The last 2 schools we were at were in the same league (right next door to each other) and so for the last 13 years I have always had our football family to lean on, the other coaches and their families. Tonight is going to be tough not having any of those women in the stands with me....feeling the same nervousness and excitement. This whole venturing out on our own, away from them, almost feels like when I left home for college. I was excited about the new adventure while my heart ached a bit from the change. So here we go! I know that we have been led to be here for some reason and I'm still putting one foot in front of the other, all the while my heart is filled with contradicting emotions. I'm just trusting in His plan! And so, for my football families that we can't be with tonight.....GOOOOOO RIDERS! GO REDSKINS! And for our new friends and teammates:


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