Monday, September 7, 2015

There are so many different people mentioned in the Bible in more than one place. Over and over God uses these people to teach us how we are suppose to live our lives. I am "n awe" Noah. This guy as A-Mazing! He built a boat for a world that had never experienced rain. And he didn't do it in a day, a week, a month or a year. For 120 years, every day, he was purposeful in his actions to be faithful to God. I can't imagine what he endured from others around him for 120 years doing something crazy like building a boat for a world that had never experienced rain falling from the sky. He had to be completely plugged in to what God wanted for him in order to obey and build such a thing as an ark...EVERYDAY!!!!

Walking with God...WALKING WITH GOD. What an incredibly amazing concept.
Faith grows when we step out of our comfort zone and sacrifice for God. Noah, to me, is a faith warrior! He powered through, I imagine, terrible difficulties day after day. I want to understand how he was able to continue because at no point in my life have I faced a calling of the magnitude that Noah was given by God. The true relationship that he shared with God is the kind of relationship that each of us should be intentionally seeking on a daily basis. He had to have woke up every morning and faced the day with a heart that was open to hear God's voice and a faith to follow.
Are you ready to be Noah? Eeeeek! I'm not sure that I am....actually my answer is no. I can immediately think of several reasons why I am not ready to be a Noah. I don't have enough of the Bible memorized, often I have to really search when I am looking for something specific. I have no theological education and when it comes to leading others to Christ, well....let's just say that is the weakest of the weakest of my Christian walk because I'm so inadequate when it comes to stepping into that role. It is not my area of comfort. And that is what God often calls on us step away from the things that we are comfortable with and step into the roles that we sometimes believe should be filled with more experienced people. When we step out of the comfort areas, we are stepping into walking in faith. I have a saying, faith + trust = GOD'S POWER! His power is beyond anything we can imagine and yet, He holds it back and waits for us to invite Him into the center of our lives to allow it to show in the open for others to see. Noah did it....we can too. Noah was not a meteorologist. He was not educated on the ways of weather patterns or watching the latest electronic forecast models....he simply had faith and trust in God and allowed God's power to be released. Now, just to be clear....God does not need us to do those things for Him to use His power. He does so, so that our faith can glorify Him and show others how different life can be when He is the beacon that leads us in this dark world. How can you be a Noah this week? How can you step out in faith and trust and release God's power in your life? Pray about it....have a conversation with God. And open yourself up to the scary stuff that you aren't sure you're qualified for....God just may have some pretty awesome plans for you!!!


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