Tuesday, August 26, 2014

I am such a lucky girl to get to be a BzzAgent! They send me free products or coupons to purchase products at a reduced rate so I can try them out and Bzz about it. I received the Nerf Cam ECS-12 Blaster for free.
Last week a giant package came in the mail for me. I was so excited. It was only myself, my 4yo and my 1yo at home when it arrived. I quickly opened the box to find my new Nerf Blaster. There was no doubt that our family was gonna have some fun with this toy.
The Blaster takes 4AA batteries to operate the shooting mechanism and 4 more AA batteries for the camera ( batteries not included from Nerf). The camera is really cool. You can take still shots with it or take a video of all the action. We have done both. I found the camera really easy to use and so did my children. They loved being able to see all the pics and watch the videos right on the screen of the Blaster. The screen can be used as a sight too. We used that to strike down a spider in my bedroom....YUCK!
At first we were really considering buying another one because we were having so much fun with 1 and thought 2 would be even more fun. It really is a cool toy. After having it for nearly a week, I'm not sure another one will be on our Christmas list.
Our Blaster has been used A LOT. With 7 kids and 2 parents who have had a ball with it, we may have put it to more use than the average consumer. But after playing tirelessly with it, we have discovered one flaw that is really annoying....the jamming. Now that we've used it, when you go to shoot it, you only get maybe 3 darts shot before it jams. When you go to retrieve the jammed dart, its never really jammed. It looks like its just sitting there in the chamber ready to go. This causes the fun and silliness to have to pause. When we first got the Blaster, it would shoot all 12 and rarely jam, although the first day I was already having to open it up to pull out the jammed dart. My 10yo son who just LOVES Nerf products said that this one flaw was enough to make him want to play with his other Nerf guns that aren't automatic.
When the Blaster isn't jamming up...its really awesome! There is a loading clip that holds 12 darts and just shoot one right after another. This is where the fun happens because as you are chasing whatever, the darts can keep on flying....all the while you can video it. I'm hoping that once Nerf is aware of how often the Blaster jams that perhaps the product will have a slight adjustment done on it to keep the fun flowing.
I know that if we had several Blasters that we would have a TON of fun. For us, the price tag is a little steep at $79.99. This would be an item saved for Christmas or birthday with that kind of price tag instead of something that we would pick up at any time of the year.
If you find yourself with a Blaster in hand, let me know what you think! It's been the highlight around this house to see who you can surprise with it.

This is my honest opinion of the product. I did receive the product free of charge in order to produce an honest review.



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