Monday, January 27, 2014

Today's school cancellation means day #2 for make up at the end of the school year. We have used all 5 calamity days plus 2 and its only the end of January! Typically the last snow fall for us occurs within a week of our oldest daughter's birthday, March 13, so we have plenty of winter left. Since many of our days off have even been too cold to go outside and play we've had to get a little creative inside. Here are a few things that we have tried at our house to pass the time and re-connect as a family. I hope that your family will enjoy a few of these activities too!

Homemade play-dough
Who doesn't love to get creative with play-dough. This little recipe even adds the fun of making it yourself. My kids enjoyed the mixing and choosing the color for their dough. Then we pulled out the cookie cutters and got to making all kinds of play-dough fun!

Cotton Ball Snowman Pictures
These pictures turned out so cute! You can make small snowmen on the paper with a snow scene or cut out large circles and cover with cotton balls and attach with brads, then decorate your snowman. My kids even named their snowmen. It was a super easy craft and everyone got in on the fun.

Edible Snowflakes
EASY, fun and yummy! If you have tortilla shells in the fridge, ya gotta try this one!

Snowflake Coloring Page
We printed this one out several times and spent quite a bit of time designing different snowflakes with markers, colored pencils, crayons and glitter.

Mitten Match
This fun printable game, we colored, cut the pieces out and played a very competitive game of memory. :)

Which Snowman is Different
With this printable, I had my little ones color the matching snowmen and put an X on the odd one.

Snowman Concentration
We printed this one and used it like the Mitten Match printable.

Heart Penguin Craft
Who doesn't enjoy penguins?! I loved this project especially for my little ones because they had to cut out specific shapes. It was great practice for their fine motor skills. The big kids got in on the fun with helping the little ones and then really got creative dressing up their own creations. And if you don't have wiggley eyes to glue on, have the kids make the eyes from construction paper.


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