Sunday, January 26, 2014

I had a friend confess her guilty pleasure to me recently. I'm not one to usually tell secrets...but you won't tell will ya? ;) Her guilty pleasure is shoes. She has enough shoes to fill the bottom of her bedroom closet, under her bed and fill her hall closet (the sweeper is now stored in her son's closet along with the coats, extra t.p. and her umbrella). And every time she steps into a store she either knows exactly where the shoes are or she looks around to find her little piece of utopia.
My conversation with her made me reflect on my own guilty pleasures, after all we all have them (or you should). So here is a run down of (some of) my guilty pleasures in no particular order:
1.watching tv in my jammies all day (c'mon with 7 kids you KNOW I deserve this one!), coffee COOOFFFEEEEEE
3.hiding in the bathroom to eat the last cookie (Yes, sometimes the ONE bathroom is prime real estate in my household!)
4.feeling relief when a ballgame or practice gets cancelled due to weather
5.Honey Boo Boo....ok, only once and only because I couldn't decide if I was really being entertained or thought on some odd level that "Mama" is endearing
6.Whoppers candy (or as my daughter Hattie likes to call them: brown rolly things)
7.GNO's (Girls' Night Outs....we should ALL be making time for these kind of outings regardless of the guilt!)
8.Singing at the top of my lungs as I drive down the highway
9.Bath and Body products...I love the way their products smell!
10.anything to use for scrapbooking

So now that I have spilled the beans on my guilty pleasures....what's yours? I would LOVE to hear.


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