Monday, February 9, 2015

I'm reading a new book called, Women are Scary. It is hilarious and so far, I think the author has been eyeballing my life cause it certainly speaks to me. should read it. I haven't completed the book yet, so my review won't happen for a few more weeks. But, I wanted to share some things that are on my heart, some of it because of what I'm reading, some of it because of my morning today.
First, I miss my girlfriends so much since we moved. It makes my heart hurt to be so far away from them and be missing out on doing life with them. God made us (women) to fellowship. In other words, we have a need that only good girlfriends can fill. I had the BEST girlfriends where we were living. And I have been slow to put myself out there to make new friends where we are living. Its ridiculously intimidating to me....and exhausting. Let's be honest, relationships take A LOT of work and frankly my plate is kind of full with 7 children and a husband. At least that's what satan wants me to believe. He whispers in my ear about not being good enough to make genuine friendships where I am, and lately I have believed him.
So, this morning I went to a women's Bible Study at the sweetest, warmest lady's house (Hey Carrie! :) ). On the drive there I actually thought about turning around and not going. I was sure it would be awkward for me, as I wouldn't know most of the women there. What pushed me to go was the fact that one of the few women that I have become friends with (Hey Noey!) was going to be there and I LOVE getting to spend time with her. As I walked in, it was just as I had feared. A room full of the cutest ladies, with the cutest little ones playing. And here I come, half put together and thankful that at least I remembered to brush my teeth before I left my house. I did not belong in this group. It felt awkward. I quickly realized that it felt that way, because that's how I had built it up to be in my mind.
If we aren't careful, its easy to give satan a place in our lives. I had not prayed about my morning. I didn't take it before God and trust in His willingness to listen and help. I let my mind wander and worrying about things that weren't even an issue. Ever do that? I doubt it works any better for you than it did for me this morning. As I sat in the chair and listened to how open and insightful these ladies were, satan's whispers were no longer lingering in my ear. And I joined the conversation. Before I left, I got a huge honor of sharing my testimony that led us to where we are today. And I'm sure I needed to hear it more than the ladies there. I needed the reminder of how important it is for me to have Godly girlfriends in my life. I need them there to listen. I need them there to encourage me, hold me accountable, laugh with me and love me through all of my weirdness. And I certainly need to be able to do the same for them. If you are missing out on positive girlfriend relationships, I will be praying for you. I will pray that God opens your heart to find such a relationship, for those types of relationships are true blessings.
I was reading my book, "Women are Scary," last night and I love how the author talked about how God expects us to have girlfriend type relationships. He provided such a connection for Mary when her relative, Elizabeth, became pregnant too. He knew that Mary was gonna need a supportive friend and he provided that to her. And I believe that God still wants that for us today. I am thankful that I was included in this Bible Study. I'm thankful that someone who hasn't felt quite qualified to lead such a group, listened to God calling her to do so. Open up your heart, hear where God is leading you and be on the lookout for Godly friendships. It can make a difference in your life and possibly an even bigger difference in someone else's life!
In case you want to grab your Bible, here's where you can read about Mary and Elizabeth: Luke 1:36-56.


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