Sunday, June 22, 2014

We have been working hard for nearly 2 weeks to prepare one home to leave and the other to make the new place feel like home. We have had to be flexible and patient, and the children have really had to step up and help. We have found ourselves exhausted and missing the mundane routine of living. But a couple of days ago we received a yummy surprise! As we were continuing the cleaning, unpacking and organizing of the new place, the family that we are renting from showed up with dinner for us. I thought I was gonna burst into tears. (lol, really) There stood one of the few people we know in the area with 2 boxes of pizza and dessert bread sticks! We were so surprised. What was even crazier is the pizza tastes just like pizza from where I originally grew up. It helped to make things around here feel a bit more like home.  :)  That small act of thoughtfulness and kindness meant far more than full bellies to us. It meant that no one had to make food or do clean up! It meant that we could relax for a few moments as a family and enjoy a hot meal. It meant that we weren't alone...we have begun to already forge new friendships and feel welcomed to the area. I'm sure to the family that dropped off the food it didn't seem like a huge event to share with the world. But, to the Patterson's it was huge. Someone saw a need and met it. And even in the little things there can be big happenings. Often I see that God uses those small events to remind us that the call to serve others and show Christ's love doesn't always  mean some monumental plan....sometimes its just a couple of pizzas and a warm personality.


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