Saturday, June 14, 2014

Last Sunday we woke up late for church. I had initially woke up before everyone else in the house. So, I took advantage of that time to spend in prayer. We had all been up really late the night before packing for the impending move in a few weeks. And I was surprised to be awake so early. It was great to have that time! After prayer time everyone was still snoozing, so I crawled back in bed to enjoy the silence. Suddenly I jolted awake and realized that we needed to leave for church in 20 minutes. Both our older girls were staying with friends, so we only had 5 to get ready. :) Ever try to get 5 kids out the door in 20 minutes? lol So, we were late...but we were there. As I sat in the pew and prepared to open the Bible app on my phone, a text came through on my phone regarding the house we are moving into. It basically said that the folks we would be renting from moved out 2 1/2 weeks sooner than expected and we could get in THAT day. I was shocked, awed, humbled and overjoyed! Just that morning when I had spent time with God, I asked that there be made a way to get the house sooner because beginning last week my husband would have to be at his new job (2 hours one way) every day. And I didn't know how that would work for us...have you seen the price of fuel?!?! He answered my prayer and made a way for us to be together as a family as my husband began his new position. We are so blessed with awesome giving friends and were able to borrow a giant trailer, load it up and head down to our new home. I was just amazed all day, still am, at how God brought us to our new home. So this week I have been in the process of moving and our new house has no internet till next week. There were many moments that I felt like I needed to share and am excited to do so over the next week. "God's got this." I know that statement covers pretty much everything...and even still I have to remind myself of this. He has proven this is true over and over to me during the course of this last year. There have been MANY prayers that have been answered in ways that I never anticipated and many that I had to learn to be patient for an answer. And I wanted to share this moment with you as a reminder that it truly is in His time. When we TRULY give it to God...he will move your mountain (obstacle) in ways that you didn't see happening, but He knew it all along. He certainly moved our "Everest" and did it in a way that reminded me no matter what...My God is BIGGER!!


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