Wednesday, May 28, 2014

I have embarrassingly been on hiatus, sorta. I suffer from a four letter word. When I put it like that, I assume that you assume its not a nice word, you are correct. But there are great 4-letter words out there. Here are a few that totally ROCK:

                      LOVE, JOYS, HUGS, GOOD, PURE,
                     WISE, GROW, KIND, WORK, OPEN
                      HEAL, JOKE, CUTE, CALM, CARE,
                        HOPE, RISE, WISH, BEST, SAFE

These types of 4-letter words I want to inject throughout my day in some way. Unfortunately I sometimes allow a very powerful 4-letter word to take control, no strangle, me in a way that prevents me from doing something. Take my blog for example. I struggle with wanting to express my un-corralled thoughts and feeling as though I am not worthy to do so. My ugly 4-letter word is FEAR. Yep, there it is. I am a fearful human being. I fear that I am not versed enough to put my thoughts to "paper" and so it seems as though my little blog has sat idle. Behind the scenes I have lots of posts, but the fear of not being good enough has prevented me from sharing. That fear has led to feeling like a slacker. Its amazing how one yucky feeling can begin with one idea and continue to grow until you feel completely defeated. I believe that most people, mommy's especially, understand what I mean.

We have SOOOOOO much change happening in our lives as a family right now. And I don't have the option to be fearful. I have 7 little people counting on me to trust in God's plan for us. And so, I'm calling my fear out and laying it down for God to pick up. And I want to encourage you to do the same. I truly do not understand the path our family is on....but we are following. And we can choose to be fearful and miss out on something great or we can be faithful and trust that God is ultimately in control.

Writing on my little blog might not seem like a big obstacle to over come, but it is for me. It kinda puts me out there. But, I'm trusting in God e.v.e.r.y.d.a.y. that He is gonna use me for His plan. And I know that He is greater than any fear that might hide in the shadows of my heart....or yours. If you have an ugly 4-letter word that you are allowing to control your life....CHOOSE a new one! Sometimes things in life are just that simple...a choice. I choose to accept the JOYS in my life, have HOPE to make a positive difference for others, to GROW in my walk with Christ, to HEAL, and to be OPEN to hear what God wants for me. This seems like enough to keep me so busy I won't be able to let that other ugly 4-letter word rule a moment longer. I challenge you, my friend, to delight in a new kind of 4-letter word....which ones are ya gonna choose?


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