Monday, February 17, 2014

 Our oldest 2 daughters each collided with another player during their last basketball games last week. They both ended up with concussions. I was once an athletic trainer. I saw many injuries, including concussions. I never hesitated on what should be the course of action. But, when my children get hurt I somehow become this person who has no idea how to deal with their injuries. I was so thankful that I have smart friends! :) I was able to call upon my friend who is a doctor and she reassured me what we should do with the girls. They are continuing to improve. My 13 year old had her collision 6 days ago, and my freshman had hers 4 days ago. They are walking around the house in sunglasses and spending a lot of time catching up on sleep. They have had no screen time since Thursday. There is so much talk about concussions now a days that it can be easy to either be over the top protective or act as though the whole thing is blown way out of proportion. I like to think I land somewhere in the middle of the two. I know that with any sport, athletes can have an injury. I also know that when cared for properly, they will recover. Head injuries are scary and you must stay on top on signs of what is really going on. Today, they will go in for another test to check improvements. Its been a challenge to keep them from any kind of stimulus so that their brains can heal, but they've stuck to the plan and we're so thankful for the improvements we've already seen. So in the midst of all the other craziness swirling around us, we are thankful for sunglasses, time to be home with my babies, friends who are only a phone call away, and patience to let the body heal!


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