Thursday, May 29, 2014

Last night 4 of my children had awards for AWANA at church. That's their program they are part of on Wednesday nights. It is a fabulous program, ran by dedicated volunteers. Most of the volunteers were brought up front last night so the parents could see what it takes to run Wednesday night services for our children. I was humbled as I sat there and took in the understanding of how many people gave of their time all school year so that my children would experience an enthusiasm and love of Christ. I have never taken the time to sit down and write out a big giant THANK YOU to those who give of their time to my children week after week after week. I am so wrapped up in what is bursting at the seams of my schedule, that I selfishly neglect to show my appreciation. On Wednesday nights I take advantage of my children having a place to go and my husband and I are involved with a small group Bible study. I get what I need (time in the Bible and sharing with others) and my children get what they need. What an incredible gift that was from those who were spending time with my children. They weren't just caring for my kids, but our family as a whole! Last night was a recognition for the kids, with a little humble recognition for some really dedicated adults who have inspired me to do a better job at serving others. And even as they were continuing to make the kids feel special, they quietly encouraged a mommy who needed it. So if you are one of those people who give joyously of your time to positively impact the lives of children THANK YOU!!!! And if you are blessed to be served by such people, pass on some appreciation. They certainly don't do for recognition, but ya never know how a little appreciation can encourage them to continue to do their priceless work!


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