Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Since we are in a new community, it will take me some time to get used to all the new schedules for the kids. I'm prepared and ready to hit the road driving as our schedule is about to explode off of my calendar. There will be 6 of our children playing sports while my husband will be coaching and unavailable for just about everything the kids have on their schedules. It will be crazy, every fall season is and even though it is beyond hectic, its a lot of fun. I will struggle with it, may even have a meltdown about mid-season, but all in all I expect it will be joyful. Last year at this time I had a nursing newborn that I was trying to figure out how to add that to craziness and preparing my classroom for a sub and for my eventual return to my class with the newborn. So I think that this season may even be a bit easier on me, even without my GIANT support system that we had to leave behind when we moved. I'm ok with the crazy long as coaches and activities stick to the schedule. I try not to complain too much about them, what good would it do anyway? :)  My son is playing football, he's 10. Right now he practices from 6-8pm, four nights a week. And someone said that will continue when school starts here in a few weeks. Once school starts, Wednesday night church will begin up again as well. The area where we moved from had Wednesday night dubbed as "dark night." That meant that there were no practices after 6:00 and no games on Wednesday night for the most part so that it wouldn't interfere with church. It doesn't seem like that is the same concept at our new place. (We are still learning things, so we may learn differently.) And as my son and I were talking about his schedule he said, "Well, I guess my team is gonna have to go without me that night. I need to be at church." I was so thrilled that I didn't have to explain to him that he would be at church, he already knew that was our expectation. That hasn't always been our expectation. But as we have re-committed to our faith and commitment to God, we've also prioritized our commitment to our attendance at church. This past spring was the first time that our children missed ball games because they still had Wednesday night classes and so they went there instead. I will be honest, this is a tough concept. We have always said that once you commit to a team, that you don't skip practices or games. But we are committed to pleasing God and growing in our relationship with Him. And I learned very quickly last spring that the 2 can easily contradict the other. But if our priorities are God first, then family, then the rest of works the contradiction out. I want to remember myself and set the expectation for my kids, that God is number one. To say that seems easy, but to live it is not always so easy. I struggle with keeping the kids' activities in check...remember we've got 6 playing sports. Its so easy to put their schedules ahead of everything else. But, we are learning to live with God at the forefront of our family and our schedule. How do you deal with sports and other activities falling on Sundays or youth group nights?

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  1. And I'm complaining about having 3 playing sports all in different directions on the same nights! I feel like mine are all too young to drop off and leave for practice and games, so I stay the whole time with each of them (or dad does when he's home). I am not sure how I'm going to work that out when dad's away on a business trip and the boys are playing at the same time in different areas. I guess I'll figure it out! I hope life doesn't get too stressful for you guys over the next couple of months and that you meet some awesome new people that you can call friends. :)