Thursday, August 14, 2014

So this a picture of Gilda. She's a golden comet hen. She loves to free range, hang with the other girls from the coop, take a dust bath, and finish the day with some bling to strut around the yard in. lol
Seriously, when I walked out on the back deck and I saw this hen, my first reaction was to feel bad for this girl. Then I looked a little closer. She was quite happy sitting there showing off her look. She never tried to move off the table or seemed bothered in the least. As soon as my fashionista daughter who had made the jewelry for princess Gilda picked her up, the hen snuggled down in her arms and went right to sleep. The whole thing cracked me up. There are a lot of things that a 9yo girl could find to keep her entertained. Mine apparently takes caring for her hens a step further with personalized necklaces, wing bracelets, tail-lets (her version of an anklet) and painted toenails! lol All the chickens follow her around the yard when everyone is out and when she sits down they all gather around her. She is so gentle with them and spends time talking with them. She is learning what it means to be responsible for "someone" else and what it really means to care about their happiness. I hope that our little Gilda has brought a smile to your face today the way it did mine!


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