Saturday, August 16, 2014

 I just happen to swing by my house in between pick ups and drops offs 2 days ago only to find my sweet elderly neighbor in my driveway with a pickup full of sweet corn. He had brought over 2 laundry baskets last weekend and was delighted to hear that we love sweet corn and couldn't wait to feed our football players some too. He told me to make sure that our kids ate that corn and that he would be back in a few days with plenty of corn to feed the players. He certainly brought enough! I just could not believe that he had taken the time to pick all of that and bring it over to us. What a blessing!!! He then proceeded to pull out 3 baskets with squash and zucchini. My 9yo was just fascinated that so much corn came from his 30ftx30ft little garden in his yard. He laughed such a sweet genuine laugh and grinned from ear to ear and explained to her that he had 2 big fields of corn that he farmed. It was so nice to get to continue to visit with him and get to know him better. He's our closest neighbor, which is on the other side of our field and pass another farmer's cornfield. lol 
         My 1yo was kept busy by chowing down on some corn while the rest of us worked. Once we all got to shucking the corn and prepping it for the freezer, we knew we had to pass on some of this goodness to other families. It was so much fun showing up at people's houses and dropping off big tubs of food. It was the most fun I've had in some time, best of all, my kids agreed with that! Not only will the corn make a great addition to many meals throughout the next several months, it afforded us time to chat and giggle as a family as we prepared it and then the true joy of sharing with some of our new friends. After talking with my younger kids, they've decided we need our own garden next summer so we can give away even more tubs. I like their thinking!


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