Friday, August 1, 2014

Football is a way of life!
Today began 2-a-days for football.
That means from here on, I'm kinda on my own for the next 3+ months as a parent. I will really miss my husband helping with dinner, chores around the house and most of all the kids' schedules. But this is my season to take care of everything so he can do his thing. Sounds awful, doesn't it? But I love it. It helps that my husband is present during the other seasons and that I really love football. Its always tough to readjust to our fall schedule and about the time that we do, its time for school to start. I'm not looking forward to the start of school. I love having everyone home all summer and just getting the chance to hang out. Fall time brings a lot of individual time because it seems that most of our family are off doing their things. We will have 5 kids in school and 6 kids playing sports this fall. I will be spending time over the next week or 2 trying to set up a schedule of easy meals for dinner and quick after school snacks so I can be sure to save myself some stress somewhere! Dinnertime is really important for us as a family to make sure that each day we come together as a group, even if we are wolfing down our food to make it to the next event.  :)  The busyness of fall will be good for me, in a sense. It won't leave a lot of time for me to think about how homesick I am for my "family" that we left behind when we moved. It will be strange to not see any of those faces at the kids' activities or cheering next to me on Friday nights. If I spend too much time thinking about it, it makes my heart hurt. I'm so thankful for this new chapter in our lives...but it doesn't erase how much I miss all my loves from where we moved.


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