Thursday, June 5, 2014

Last night I was thinking about all the "transitions" that are about to take place in our lives. My husband and I are well aware that our children may need help transitioning into this next journey. I'm anxious to go so I can begin to work on those transitions. Then I realized that God has already been working on those for us. My big girls have had an opportunity to meet their new basketball coach. She took the time to come over and introduce herself to them the last time we were visiting the school. She made sure that both got signed up for team camps over the summer. She went a step further and passed on the girls' info to other girls on the team so they could get in touch with the girls. How awesome!!!!!! And incredibly thoughtful!!! I believe that God is with us in every step of this journey....including the children. And I rejoice in these instances because His presence is obvious to the children too. I have also worried that we would not find a church as perfect for us as our current church...and we still haven't for sure. But, God has provided a family who shares many characteristics as our family and has introduced us to their pastor and invited us to church. Getting connected into a church shortly after the move will help us in so many different ways. If we can get plugged into a church quickly I know that will help us feel more integrated into the community. Hopefully we will be able to get the kids on some summer leagues for ball. And I am gonna make the effort to find my own kind of group to connect with, such as a moms' group or Bible study. Using our summer time wisely will make the transition to the new school so much easier and maybe even a bit exciting for the kids. If you have any suggestions about transitioning into a new community, I would love to hear them!


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