Wednesday, February 5, 2014

I just sent my husband, all gussied up, off to a job interview. I think I might feel a little more nervous than him. He is interviewing for the head football position where he currently teaches. This is a big deal for our family. This will determine where we land (hopefully) permanently.
There has been so much discussion throughout two communities about who would take over since the most recent coach resigned. I'm at a point where I'm so tired of talking about things and I'm ready to know where we are going to be cheering come fall time. I'm feeling a bit impatient, annoyed and tired of the process.
Even though the process has been wearing on me, it has been a blessing as well. My heart swelled as my husband told me to just "roll with it, cause God will take care of things and lead us where He wants us." That moment was a great reminder for me that when I am tempted to fret and worry, that I need to turn from those things and allow God to bless us. And I'm reminded that the blessing may not be what we want, but He always works out what is BEST for us.
I'm confident that God has heard our prayers and He is in control. So now my prayer is that He takes our hearts and makes them peaceful with whatever the decision will be. The comfort in knowing He wants what is best for us in every part of our life truly draws the tears down my cheek and an unexplainable peace inside me. So I don't know what school we will be cheering for come fall yet, but wherever it is I know that God will be with us. :)


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