Sunday, August 17, 2014

I have my own personal pedicurist. My husband is always willing to pamper me when I ask him to paint my toenails. After having 7 children, there have been plenty of times when my toenails needed some attention, but I wasn't able to do it myself. I LOVE it when he takes the time to do it. It's not because he is the best at painting them, it's because he is willing to do it. So many times in a marriage we forget that our focus should be on our spouse and not so much on ourselves. Life becomes hectic, other people demand our attention and home becomes a place to crash when the "things" in our lives become priority over our marriage. Pounce on the opportunities this week to make your spouse a priority. Most of the time it's as easy as doing a sweet gesture for your spouse. When my hubs makes dinner AND cleans up, asks with enthusiasm and attentiveness about my day, brings me home my favorite drink...I feel like I am his focus. Think about what it would take for your spouse to say that about you....then do it! Stay present and focused within your marriage, you'll feel a difference!


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