Friday, July 11, 2014

This morning Greison (11mo old), came wandering into the kitchen while I was making breakfast with a bottle that he had found somewhere from the night before. It was disgusting! The milk had started to curdle and it had a funky smell. So I gently tugged the bottle from his little toddler death grip to clean it and fill it up with some yummy, fresh milk. As I wrestled with him to get it he began to scream and clutched even tighter around his bottle. He was so mad. He eventually threw himself on the floor in a heap and wailed. At that moment, all he wanted was for me to give him his bottle. He was willing to take the yucky stuff if it meant he could have it NOW. He was mad, disappointed and hurt that I would not give it to him right away and I was making him wait. But, in doing so I was really loving him. I want him to have good nutrition and not drink something that is gonna make him sick. He needed to wait in order to get something far better.
I had an aha moment as I was scrubbing the bottle with a wailing toddler now wrapped around my ankles. I sometimes (maybe more than sometimes) do the same thing with God. I "think" I want something so badly and continually ask Him to guide me to what I think I want. I worry, fret and have even been known to freak out about something when it doesn't seem like things are gonna happen for me the way I want. In the most adult way (lol), I cry, beg, whine, and clutch my proverbial grip around whatever it is I want. And all the while, God is preparing something better for me. He doesn't want me to settle for curdled milk. He wants the best for me. God has something for you, too. Telling yourself to trust that He will take care of things in the best way for you, is really not an easy thing to do. We are a culture of immediate gratification and often God doesn't work that way. He calls us to seek His ways and let Him take care of things. So if something isn't happening the way you think it should happen, it could be that you're crying for curdled milk. Be faithful....God's got something for those that are faithful. He promises!


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