Monday, June 30, 2014

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Yesterday was my first day back to the new house since last Monday. We had so many little things to take care of at the old house and 2 trips of "stuff" that we probably could have lived without. As soon as we got up yesterday the rush to get ready for church was on so I didn't get a chance to sit quietly on the porch and enjoy my coffee. This morning, that was my intention.

As I brought out my yummy coffee and my computer to write about some things on my mind, I realize that my old English bulldog was dawdling along in our field ....he was about 100 yards away. Now, I'm still in my jammies and the only other person up is my 5yo, Mataya, who is dressed in her white leotard, pink tutu and black fur boots. (Quite the look for a 5yo :) )

 I tell her to run and stop him from leaving the yard and I jump on our John Deer mower to cut him off in the other direction. I'm sure we were quite a sight to the folks who have lived in the country for some time. She was able to grab him and get him turned around toward the house. He's usually just a fat, lazy dog. He looks like a sausage on legs, lol. But today he was on a mission to find the "perfect spot." He is pretty tough to get him to move when he doesn't want to and of course I had no idea where his leash was packed.   

So Mataya climbed on the mower and we followed behind him to encourage him to head for the house. My sidekick did a great job steering the mower to follow him while I controlled the speed. We got him safely back in the house and Mataya proclaimed, "WE DID IT!" She was quite excited about our early morning adventure and I'm sure after we have been living the country life for a while that I'll really get a laugh out of our "herding" incident.


  1. Hahaha! I can just see you guys out there in the yard! You crack me up!

  2. Mataya was so proud! She declared that we were really good at getting Brutus back to the house and couldn't wait till the next time. lol